Professional Learning

Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Training Programme

Register now for virtual sessions starting in Term 2.

  • Mathematica Skills – 7 sessions for beginners
  • Mathematica Pedagogy – 4 sessions for those who are familiar with Mathematica. This would be suitable for those who attended the Hands-On sessions with Craig Bauling.

 Polycom options available. 

Mathematica Skills – Beginners

These sessions will give participants the skills required to tackle all required Mathematics for VCE Mathematical Methods Units 1-4. You will be shown how to use the software to answer exam-style questions, how to introduce Mathematica to beginning students, and how to create worksheets in Mathematica for your students to use.

This is a repeat of the session offered in Term 1.

Thursdays 3:40pm – 4:40pm

Mode – Online

Mathematica Pedagogy

This set of four lessons are designed to demonstrate how CAS (Mathematica) can be used to introduce and explore complex mathematical ideas. Activities will be designed in such a way that will encourage student-centred learning. Sample activities and corresponding Mathematica files will be demonstrated. Participants will write and share their own resources as part the course.

Participants who have completed the Term 1 Virtual Program or any of the face-to-face Hands-on training with Craig Bauling should consider this program.

Tuesdays 3:40pm – 4:40pm

Mode – Online